Audio for games and interactive media

Do you believe everything you hear?


The competition in todays indie and mobile games market is growing extremely fast.


With distribution channels like App Store, Facebook and Google Play, and with game engines like Unity 3D freely available, a lot of talented people are trying hard to create the next big hit.


Though we still see gametitles created by just one or two multi talented programmers, the trend is that quality requirements within the artistic areas is escalating in each production cycle.


One reason being that mobile and tablet hardware is expanding, and thus also the possibility to make the next game even better than the previous one.

Presentation is more important than ever. Today gamers are expecting both console and mobile platforms to deliver in all areas: stable code, vivid animations, cool graphics and state of the art audio and music.


This is why you should choose an audio professional to do audio work.


Free your work-swamped programmers from mashing up a few sound assets during the last hectic weeks before launch. You might succeed in getting audio into the game, but most likely - it won't be great.